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IR Scan / Infrared Thermograph

Infrared inspection of electrical equipment is utilized to detect hot spots which are caused by excessive heat running through electrical connections or components. Lorbel can help to prevent damage, creating safety hazards such as potential fire, equipment downtime or equipment failure. Also with IR scanning makes sure that your equipment is reliable with less repair costs.

Meeting code compliance’s is also a big reason why IR scanning is a good idea to have in a service. With meeting the code’s compliance’s you can see if that unit is the appropriate unit to keep maintaining or if you are in need of another unit in the near future. 

Periodic Infrared Thermography Inspection is a key test procedure to detect problems.

IR Scanning is highly recommended for equipment such as:

  • Panel boards
  • Busways
  • Motor control centers
  • Transfer switches
  • Breaker panels and other critical facilities equipment

Service will include:
• Inspections will be performed by qualified and certified technicians.
• Perform Infrared Scanning utilizing IR Camera.
• If scan readings are normal, note on report.
• If scan readings indicate and anomaly:
                        •Take a photo along with the IR Scan.
                        •Make a current ready on affected circuit and note the findings.

Report will include:
• Infrared Electrical Inspection Information
• List of devices IR Inspection was performed
• Anomaly Report that includes component reference, photos, scans, measured data, findings and
• List of Equipment used
• Review of the findings with the customer

Code Requirements:

• Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
• NFPA 70B – Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, Section 2
• 11.17.5 Inspection Frequency and Procedures – Routine infrared inspections of energized electrical systems should be performed annually prior to shut down


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