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UPS Services

At Lorbel, we believe in quality assurance and 100% customer satisfaction with all your UPS services and needs.


Backup power is always meant to be used, therefore, Lorbel is there for any troubles you may have, providing the best service with the best prices around to keep you in business. Nobody ever wants to see their equipment go down in the event of a natural disaster or a blackout or brown out, therefore, make sure you receive the best care with your UPS system. Here at Lorbel, we make it our job to give you the best pricing around with top quality work for your UPS, therefore, if you ever need any UPS service that is not stated in the above listings, let us know and Lorbel can work something out to give you the very best maintenance and service we possibly can. At Lorbel, we never turn anyone away without giving a fair quote and evaluation.


UPS Service

  • Preventative and emergency maintenance
  • Our 30,000 square foot warehouse holds over 10,000 spare parts, for whatever your needs may be
  • UPS Installation, Commissioning and Decommissioning
  • System shut down and integration of new systems
  • UPS Failure analysis
  • UPS Witness testing and technical classes, including onsite instruction on concept, theories and operations
  • UPS Load bank testing, including full load battery discharge monitoring to ensure system conformance
  • UPS Rentals available for any length of time, with service and maintenance plans to meet your company requirements


If you require any of these services for your UPS, contact lorbel for a quote today. The quote is completely free and we will make sure you get the pricing and service you need and deserve. Lorbel offers guaranteed satisfaction with our services and loyalty to all of our customers.


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