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Why Rent?

Uninterruptible power is often taken for granted. Power Outages Or Natural Disasters Can Cause Your Downtime To Be Extremely Costly. Whether you are needing a unit for a little short time or just wanting to save some cash, Lorbel has a variety of rental units available to meet any and all requirements. Lorbel has the perfect rental for you 24×7, all year long.

Our Rental Solutions Are Designed By Our Mission Critical Specialist In House And Are Fully Customizable To Ensure Your System Is Protected. We Offer Rentals That Are Ready With A Rapid Turn Around Time Of 4 Hours Of Receiving Your Call.

Lorbel Inc. has a variety of rental units available to meet any requirement. Equipment rentals may be an ideal alternative to purchasing to fit budgets. Lorbel has many different equipment including: UPS’s, PDU’s, ATS’s, Generators, Transformers, Server racks and many more. rental periods range from one month to on-going and can be tailored for your company’s exact needs.Rental agreements can be structured to include turnkey installation, start up and commissioning, and ‘rent-to-own’ options.


Other Rentals:

•PDU’s: Ensuring there are no disruptions between the UPS and the critical load.

•Load Banking Services: Ensuring new installations are prepared to sustain the critical load, prior to official application.

•Lighting Inverters: For critical failures to ensure the customer is abiding by life and safety codes     

•DC Power Plant and Rectifier Rentals.


Turn-Key Backup Power Rentals can be structured to include

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Start-up

  • Commissioning

  • Training

  • Removal


We offer 24×7 monitoring for:

  • Temperature Alarms

  • UPS backup power alarms

  • Communications to smart phones

  • Communications to security systems


Some of the brands we have available are:

  • Toshiba

  • Eaton

  • Liebert

  • APC
  • And Many more


*Please note that battery charger backup power rentals are available for all units if needed as well. 

*Lorbel’s units are thoroughly maintained and tested prior to delivery.

*Long term back up power rentals can include maintenance for operational assurance.

*24×7 Technical support is always available.

*Legacy equipment is also available

*Refurbished units available upon request


If your company requires either stand-alone units or trailer mounted units for your critical backup power needs, contact lorbel for a quote today. The quote is completely free, and we will make sure you get the pricing and service you need and deserve. Lorbel offers guaranteed satisfaction with our services and loyalty to all our customers.