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Why Your Computer Should Have Uninterruptible Power Supply

You must have encountered such problem that you’re in the middle of your work and the computer goes off suddenly due to power cut. What will happen if it leads to data loss, motherboard or SMPS burn? How about using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that will keep your computer active during power failure?


6 Most Important Features to Look While Purchasing Next UPS

The management of power supply is one of the most crucial investments for any organization. It’s not possible to run equipment depending on the local power supply, as mostly it’s not sufficient or the power cut may happen sudden or voltage fluctuations can damage your systems. So, organizations invest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems


4 Factors You Need to Consider before Purchasing UPS power Supplies

Whether technology is a blessing or a curse – this is a never-ending controversy. But no one can deny that technology has brought a revolutionary improvement in the healthcare sector. It has transformed clinical diagnosis, treatment, and observation of many critical conditions. In the last few years, imaging technologies like ultrasound, X-Ray scanning, and MRI


3 Effective Ways of Monitoring Your UPS Batteries

UPS is the lifeline to the data centers and critical equipment of the companies in the face of a utility power cut. To be more specific, UPS batteries play the role of the savior during a utility failure. Therefore, it is very important for the companies to keep their UPS in a good state. Monitoring

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