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Generator Service & Maintenance


Lorbel provides generator service and preventive maintenance for stand-by power systems. Trained technicians with industry expertise keep your critical stand-by generator systems maintained and operating regardless of the manufacturer. Most major brands including Caterpillar, Cummins, Onan, John Deere, Kohler, MTU and more.

In addition to periodic maintenance on generators, we also provide ATS service, re-fueling, fuel polishing, portable rental generators, load bank services, radiator service, complete engine rebuilds, disaster response and electrical services. We have the team of techs with many years of experience to make sure your systems are running when you need them most.

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The generator is a crucial part to your critical power infrastructure. During an outage, the generator can supply power to your critical load by utilizing fuel and an engine. Generators are a great solution if your facility needs more than an hour of back up support time. For a reliable backup infrastructure, we recommend checking the generator monthly if possible.

During our annual service, the technician will verify all connections are properly connected and check all fluid levels on the generator. A self test is also performed to make sure the generator turns on and functions properly. In order to follow proper EPA regulations, you must have an active SCAQMD permit on your generator. The SCAQMD permit ensure that the internal combustion from the generators does not exceed 200 hours. This permit authenticates that the air emissions form backup generators are properly regulated.

A Load Bank Test is the only way to predict how your generator will respond and operate with a full load during an emergency. Load banks emulate a building load and allow generators to be tested to their rated capacity. Generator maintenance plans should include an annual load bank test at a minimum.

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Since stand-by generators are only periodically ran and often for short periods, the condition of “Wet Stacking” is caused. This condition is a result of unburned fuel or carbon in the exhaust system and oil which can cause serious damage to an engine, loss of power, pollution, shortened engine life or pre-mature failure. This can be avoided through proper maintenance and a load test which runs the generator engine at a full load to enable the generator to reach full operating temperature to avoid “Wet Stacking.”
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  • Load Banks from 5kw to 2000kw
  • Tests from 2 to 8 hours
  • Difficult applications where extended cable runs and roll up generators are needed

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