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UPS Service & Maintenance

Downtime is expensive, peace of mind is priceless.

Lorbel Inc. offers a wide range of UPS services, including but not limited to preventative maintenance, installation, repairs, rentals, power assessment, and more. Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for our customers to maintain all aspects of their critical power infrastructure.

With a new equipment or existing equipment, we recommend a yearly check-up of the UPS to make sure it is functioning to the manufacturer’s standards. We also specialize in UL924 Lighting Inverters which are specified to support Egress lights. If you are not sure where to start, we are happy to help with consultation for a turnkey solution.

During our Preventative Maintenance services our technician performs a very detailed and through inspection of your UPS critical power system. We understand how crucial your equipment is and it is better to be proactive instead of reactive. We have specialized service plans based on your company’s needs.

For any service contract we always include a Major PM which entails an operational test performed by the technician to exercise the UPS and make sure batteries and internal components are working properly. During all our PM services we always check battery readings. Major issues that arise with the UPS include, battery failure, capacitor failure, blown fuses and more. Check out the repairs section to see how not only we help make sure the unit is running properly but can also fix it in a timely manner when issues arise.

Lorbel Inc. offers service and maintenance for Emergency Lighting Inverters and Equipment. Federal, State and Local codes and regulations require emergency lighting to be available for 90 minutes after a power outage occurrence. In addition, periodic testing is required, and maintenance documentation must be available.

Lorbel’s maintenance plans provide the periodic testing and documentation required. In addition, detail checks of the electronics and measurement of the batteries is performed and analyzed to identify potential failures that may occur that will result in the Lighting Inverter NOT meeting the required run time.

If you have not serviced your critical power equipment for over a year, there may be an active alarm on your unit that you are unaware of. Lorbel has a 24-hour service line for any issues that arise, we always put our contracted customers first. The UPS system is made up of a lot of different moving parts including motherboards, fans, diode’s, capacitors, and the list goes on.

Lorbel not only offers a wide arrange of spare parts but we have inventory of different brands to help your specific needs. We have spare parts readily available and can provide you with an emergency service dispatch if necessary, reducing your down time. We understand a critical equipment purchase is a very large amount and replacing the unit may not be the most cost-effective option. Our team of qualified and trained technicians will make sure we provide you 100% customer satisfaction and will try our best to find a solution for your critical power unit failure.

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The capacitor on the right is worn and showing major swelling, when capacitors are not replaced based on the manufacturer’s life cycle the capacitors will look like the one shown in the picture above. 

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