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Our FAQ’s

What is a UPS?

Why do I need a UPS? (I already have a generator.)

Sites that have a Generator with no UPS will experience a power interruption whenever the main utility power fails due to the time it takes the Generator to ramp up and stabilize, this could take anywhere from 3 seconds to one whole minute. When a UPS is in place, the UPS battery will supply power to the inverter to hold the load until the generator is stable and the system is in sync with the generator and back to utility power once utility is restored.

How long will my load keep running on a UPS?

Depending on the size and type of equipment connected to the UPS, it can vary. If you read the specs, you will notice that most UPS specifications will state how long that UPS will run when connected to a full or half load. When you have a UPS that supports 500 watts and the load connected to it is drawing 500 watts of power, then you are using that UPS at a full load. With a load that is drawing only 250 watts, then you are using half the load. Contact our office today to speak with a professional, for further detail. 800-946-1634

Should I have a service or maintenance plan for my UPS?

A UPS does require periodic maintenance therefore a maintenance plan will always reduce the risk of your UPS failing. While the electronics in a UPS will last for a while, the batteries will need to be replaced periodically (recommended every 3-5 years) depending on the manufacture date. Like any electronic device a UPS can fail so obtaining a service plan would be of your best interest. You can also reduce long term costs with having a service plan as well.

How is a UPS size determined?

Depending on the type of load that you need covered, a UPS has a VA rating. The VA rating is the maximum number of Volts Amps it can deliver. The larger the load, the more likely you’ll have a larger UPS set-up.

How does a UPS provide electrical power?

A UPS converts battery power (DC) into AC power which is called inversion.

What are the types of electricity a UPS uses?

Alternating Current (AC) – An electric current that reverses direction at regular intervals and Direct Current (DC) – An electric current of constant direction, having a magnitude that does not vary or varies only slightly. (Batteries are DC power.)

What is a “Load”?

Anything supported by a UPS.

What are the major components of a UPS?

The rectifier – which converts an alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). The Inverter – which converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). The Battery – a container in which chemical energy is converted into DC power electricity. The Static Switch – which provides a high speed transfer to the bypass in case of UPS failures.

Where can I find the specific model of my current UPS?

Majority of the time this information is available on the front panel label or the Typeform of the UPS.

Where is my UPS serial number located?

Most serial numbers are located on the UL listing label. However, in some UPS’s, you can find the serial number using the front touch screen display panel.

How can I request a quote?

Visit our Contact Page to Rrequest a quote or call us at 800-946-1634 to speak with a factory trained specialist today.

What phone number do I call to get technical service on a system that is currently in use?

Call our main line at 800-946-1634 for further assistance.

What type of maintenance and service plans do you offer for my UPS system?

Lorbel, Inc. provides a variety of service plans to meet any customer’s needs. Starting from a Standard Service Plan all the way up to Premium plans or Ultra plans, all available depending on your type of project or budget. Contact our office today at 800-946-1634 to start your service plan today!

Do you offer temporary power/rental UPS?

Lorbel, Inc. does have a wide selection of rental systems available for whatever length of time needed. We also have rent to own options available. Contact our office today at 800-946-1634, You can also check out our Temporary power/Rentals tab for more information.

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