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Maintenance & Service

To maximize up time and control life cycle costs, different service levels and response times are available, allowing you to choose the right plan to meet your specific requirements:

Standard Plus Service Plan

  • Most economical plan for companies that only require preventive maintenance inspections.

  • Specifically, a great service plan for UPS and Battery systems that are under manufacturer warranty (typically the first year).

  • Provides the quarterly, semi-annual and annual preventative maintenance, vital to ensuring system performance.

  • Most appropriate for remote site operations or limited budgets.

Premium Service Plan

  • Ideal for companies looking to reduce cost yet maintain emergency service support.

  • Includes priority 8-hour emergency response and troubleshooting labor in the event of system failure or alarm condition.

  • The Premium Service Plan is generally a solid choice for equipment that is well maintained and in good condition.

  • If the life of the UPS and Battery system is less than five years of age, this plan may be well suited for your operation and budget.

Ultra Service Plan

  • Full service plan that is intended for critical environments with zero tolerance for downtime.

  • All-inclusive plan includes a priority 4 hour response time, comprehensive maintenance service and covered repairs under one price.

  • Receive quick turnaround time with any faulty parts with our corrective service included with this plan.

  • Favorable for companies who want to stay on budget and maintain a fixed cost for emergency service and break/fix items.


*If one of these apply to you, please do not hesitate to request a quote from us. We will be happy to assist you in whatever needs you may want.


Plan Coverage

Service Standard Plus1 Premium1 Ultra2
Preventative Maintenance Inspections, 8am – 5pm, Mon.-Fri. x x x
Preventative Maintenance Inspections, 24/7     x
24/7 technical phone support and emergency response x x x
Service inspection report within 72 hours of service x x x
15 Minute Emergency Call Back x x x
24 hour emergency on-site response3 x    
4-6 hour emergency on-site response     x
8 hour emergency on-site response   x
Parts, labor, travel and onsite time for remedial and emergency repairs2     x


1. For Standard Plus and Premium Plans, all parts, labor, travel and onsite time for emergency response and repairs will be quoted separately or billed at our time and material rate.

2. Individual and full battery or capacitor replacement labor or parts not included. Breakers and magnetic transformer parts not included.

3. Response time is based on geographic location.

*Without having the proper maintenance on your equipment, there can and will be a number of repercussions that will happen. Here is an example of batteries that were not replaced on time. The leaking battery has now ruined the UPS itself, therefore, causing excess damage and more time and money into new equipment.

*Some optional/additional fees may apply

Leaking APC PackLeaking APC Pack 2

*Leaking APC Pack’s from no maintenance or services being done