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M90S (Custom) Xtreme

Xtreme Power M90S Custom UPS is a scalable, modular, customizable solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications. M90S Custom provides reliable 240/120V or 208/120V (2Ph+N+G) split phase power up to 60kW. Applications include Containerized Data Centers, Edge Computing and Cell Tower applications which do not have access to

kVa Options

  • 24kVa - 60kVa

M90S Series Xtreme

Xtreme Power M90S UPS is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications. M90S provides unity power factor output (kVA = kW) providing maximum usable power and avoids any need to oversize the UPS. Maintenance bypass and output distribution within the UPS frame eliminate the

kVa Options

  • 6kVa - 24kVa

Master FC400 Riello UPS

Set apart for its use of technologically advanced features, the Master FC400 is stocked with double conversion technology, frequency converter (50/400 Hz), an output voltage of 208V three phase, galvanic isolation, and a battery backup. Due to its high frequency IGBT technology and digital control, the Master FC400 also serves as an ideal choice for

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 125kVa

PDF: Master FC400 (three phase)

Master HE

This UPS series provides maximum protection and power quality for data centers and industrial loads. The Master HE is equipped with an IGBT based rectifier, DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology and true-line, double conversion power protection. The Master He offers high efficiency (95.5%) in double conversion, kW = kVA (pf 1) up to 40°C, and

kVa Options

  • 100kVa - 800kVa

PDF: Master HE (three phase)

Master HP Riello UPS

Guaranteeing maximum protection and performance, the Master HP serves as Riello’s answer to high energy and maximum power needs. This UPS system offers up to 94.5% high efficiency in on-line mode, rectifier IGBT based technology, galvanic isolation, high overload capacity, and an LCD display. Power factor: > 0.99

kVa Options

  • 100kVa - 600kVa

PDF: Master HP (Three Phase)

Master HP UL Riello UPS

Meant to provide uninterrupted quality power for essential processes and service applications, the Master HP UL ensures maximum critical load protection. The technologically advanced UPS comes equipped and ready with IGBT-based rectifier technology, galvanic isolation, and a high overload capacity. Power factor: > 0.99

kVa Options

  • 65kVa - 500kVa

PDF: Master HP UL (Three Phase)

Master Industrial Riello UPS

The Master Industrial has a battery voltage of 220 Vdc, galvanic isolation of input and output, high short circuit current, and redundant ventilation. Specially designed for industrial installations such as manufacturing, petrochemical processes, electrical distribution, and power plants; this on-line double conversion UPS provides maximum protection and power quality for all load types. Power factor:

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 80kVa

PDF: Master Industrial (Single phase/three phase)

Master MPS Riello UPS

Specially made for mission critical applications, data centers, security systems, medical equipment, and industrial processes. This Master MPS series offers the maximum protection and power quality fall any type of loads. Also comes in a Master Plus version which is an on-line double conversion UPS containing a transformer isolated inverter. Power factor: N/A

kVa Options

  • 10kVa - 200kVa

PDF: Master MPS (single or three phase)

Mitsubishi 2033A 30kVA – 75 kVA UPS Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 2033A available in 30kVA, 50kVA and 75kVA, true online double conversion, high performance transistor provides a veriety of intelligent features and offers a double conversion on-line topology design, available input voltage is 208V and the output voltages are 208/120V.

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 75kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 2033A

Mitsubishi 2033D 30kVA-80kVA UPS Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 2033D Series UPS in 30kVA, 50kVA and 80kVA, superior reliability and performance wsith this three phase system. The double conversion on-line topology UPS system features real time battery monitoring and variouis UPS monitoring equipment and software options. IGBT converter and Inverter, internal maintenance bypass, operatior-friendly control panel and LCD monitor; output factor 0.8, input

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 80kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 2033D

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