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M90L Xtreme

The M90L is a scalable modular online double conversion UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power. M90L can be configured with a fully redundant power module and long runtime external batteries. Should one module fail, the remaining modules smoothly take over the load. Because

kVa Options

  • 15kVa - 60kVa

M90S (Custom) Xtreme

Xtreme Power M90S Custom UPS is a scalable, modular, customizable solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications. M90S Custom provides reliable 240/120V or 208/120V (2Ph+N+G) split phase power up to 60kW. Applications include Containerized Data Centers, Edge Computing and Cell Tower applications which do not have access to

kVa Options

  • 24kVa - 60kVa

M90S Series Xtreme

Xtreme Power M90S UPS is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications. M90S provides unity power factor output (kVA = kW) providing maximum usable power and avoids any need to oversize the UPS. Maintenance bypass and output distribution within the UPS frame eliminate the

kVa Options

  • 6kVa - 24kVa

Mitsubishi 2033A 30kVA – 75 kVA UPS Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 2033A available in 30kVA, 50kVA and 75kVA, true online double conversion, high performance transistor provides a veriety of intelligent features and offers a double conversion on-line topology design, available input voltage is 208V and the output voltages are 208/120V.

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 75kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 2033A

Mitsubishi 2033D 30kVA-80kVA UPS Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 2033D Series UPS in 30kVA, 50kVA and 80kVA, superior reliability and performance wsith this three phase system. The double conversion on-line topology UPS system features real time battery monitoring and variouis UPS monitoring equipment and software options. IGBT converter and Inverter, internal maintenance bypass, operatior-friendly control panel and LCD monitor; output factor 0.8, input

kVa Options

  • 30kVa - 80kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 2033D

Mitsubishi 7011A 6kVA-12kVA UPS

Mitsubish 7011A Series UPS ranges from 6kVA to 12kVA systems covering a wide spectrum of applications. From individual computers, to network server farms, to LAN gateways, bridges, routers, telecommunications systems, security systems, process control units, banking systems, or point of sales, the 7011A Series provides the most complete protection for voltage-sensitive equipment. Available input voltage

kVa Options

  • 6kVa - 12kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 7011A

Mitsubishi 7011B 6kVA-12kVA UPS

Mitsubishi 7011B Series UPS ranges from 6kVA to 12kVA systems is a true online double conversion UPS, transformerless, IGBT-based. Its design freatures distinct UPS modules, making repair simpler. Space Saving footprint, up to 91.5% Efficient, electronic LCD touchscreen display. available input voltag 240/120W, 208/120V, output voltage 240/120V, 208/120V.

kVa Options

  • 6kVa - 12kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 7011B

Mitsubishi 9700 Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 9700 Series UPS ranges from 100kVA to 225kVA, true online double conversion. The 9700 series utilizes Intelligen Power Module transistors in the conveters and inverters; these advanced, high performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features, IGBT Converter Inverter design, Low input harmonics, dual input, Internal maintenance bypass switch, advance touch screen montiroing and

kVa Options

  • 100kVa - 225kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 9700

Mitsubishi 9800AE Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 9800AE Series UPS ranges from 100kVA to 750kVA, true online double convertion. IGBT Inverter, diode bridge rectifier design, low input harmonics with internal Static bypass, dual input, available for parallel redundant & capacity aplicaitons, waveform capture. Voltage options, input 480V; output 480/277V or 600/346V

kVa Options

  • 100kVa - 750kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 9800AE

Mitsubishi 9900A Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi 9900A Series UPS ranges from 80kVA to 225kVA, true online double conversion system. Fully digital IGBT converter and inverter design, low input harmonics, internal static bypass; 3 level power conversin technology with dual input, available in parallel redundant & Capacity applciations (up to 4 modules). Voltage options, input 480V, output 480/277V or 600/346V

kVa Options

  • 80kVa - 225kVa

PDF: Mitsubishi 9900A

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