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UPS is a backup power supply to be activated automatically when the main power source fails; it can take over a supplying power quickly (within about 25 milliseconds of power loss) to keep the devices running Typically, UPS systems will have a short to medium-term battery life, they’re intended to fill in the holes not to be a long-term power solution and UPS power supply system comes in many different sizes. This article is going to focus on why it is so important for a business to monitor UPS to avoid data loss. There are quite a few really expensive things that can go wrong if you don’t have good visibility of your UPS systems. You might be running out of battery charge, or facing data loss. If the site goes dark, you can no longer provide service.

Listed below are the five steps that can save a business in such a situation.

1. Choose the Right UPS

Let’s talk about how to choose the right UPS that are right for you and the applications that you have. In today’s ever-evolving technology, a lot of the components that is used to go into computers is significantly more powerful than that of the earlier years. You need quite a few things plugged into these UPS units and it’s important to make sure you have the right size unit for the requirements that you need in the face of power outage wattage. This is really important. Here’s a little secret, if you have 500 total watts of power that’s being plugged into these units, make sure the unit or the UPS that you’re using exceeds that amount because the variance between the wattage that you’re plugging into and the wattage that this thing can handle, is your parachute time.

2. The Use of USB Plug

A USB port is standard cable connection interface for a variety of devices like computers or consumer electronics devices .It can monitor what’s going on in your UPS unit with the available software. It’s really important to understand this little connection here, which is your USB connection and that goes hand-in-hand with this USB cable. You can install available software on your computer that will allow you to oversee what’s going on in your UPS unit while you’re on the computer. What you can usually do is plug the USB cable right into the Windows. Then, it finds out what the battery level is and lets you know how much is left.

3. Monitoring System

You should not let your PS gear monitor itself though it is really tempting, especially when a UPS power supply has own web interface and it has some information about the current battery status. But, it’s just a good monitoring principle not to let anything monitor itself because if it fails then you’re blind. So, you should always look for an independent system, but it should not be an overly complicated system because it’ll take a rack space, and it’ll be hard to manage. So, it would be better if you can get a small monitoring device, usually one rack unit or so. You need to make sure that any monitoring gear you deploy supports the alert format. That you need to receive it might be SNMP over LAN to an alarm master if you’re a large company but if you only have a few sites with a few UPS systems, you might just want to have a phone or voice message or maybe a text message sent to your phone.

4. Temperatures

High temperatures can cause damage to battery cells. Discharging them too deeply can damage cells and dramatically shorten their usable lifespan and those are expensive to replace . It’s better to monitor the temperature of your UPS for emergency backup power supply. Anytime you’re away from that ideal range, it will either dry out the batteries or create sulfate deposits.

5. User Manual

You’re also going to get a user’s manual that you should always refer to. So if for any reason, any of the items that you have connected into this, were to fail or to get damaged and if any of this cables were wrongly plugged, into, you should take help of this manual.


Taking a good monitor of UPS power supply with right monitoring steps and guidance will certainly help to avoid data loss in your business. Use of right monitoring steps, with the following certain steps, will definitely provide a good backup power supply over the period of time and will also reduce data loss overpower break down.


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