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Electricity is undoubtedly a critical part of our corporate world and businesses. In the absence of electricity devices such as computers, fans, lights, and data servers cannot function. At the same time, power outages, spikes, and dips are a reality of the daily life for us. Such blackouts come with a potential business & revenue loss if they remain in dark. Investment in the UPS battery backup rental ensures that your organization does not get affected by such electricity loss. Any business can chose the appropriate UPS based on the demand, supply, requirement, benefits and functioning of the same.


What are UPS Systems?

Uninterruptible Power Supply, also known as UPS systems, is used to provide the electrical power back up during power outages and clean filtered electricity. The UPS provides the additional power supply to various electronic equipment providing them ample time to shut down without causing any kind of internal damage to the operating systems or data loss. UPS systems are used in diverse business fields such as computer centers, communication, electronic equipment, factories, medical centers, airports, railways, IT sectors etc as backup electrical supply.

Impacts of Power Loss on a Businesses

Sudden or chronic power outages can cause downtime leading to a significant monetary loss of a business. Power outages not only impacts ongoing operations but also affects the bottom line of a business. Monetary losses incurred due to downtime depends on various factors like the time of the day, how long the power outage lasted, the number of ongoing operations at that moment, and many more.

Big Data Loss
In a 2016 Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) survey 98 percent of businesses claimed that an hour of downtime can cost over $100,000. Furthermore, 81 percent of survey respondents stated that a business incurs more than $300,000 of downtime costs for 60 minutes of power loss and one-third of the enterprises which participated in the survey claimed that downtime costs can can range between $1 million to over $5 million for the same time frame.

Why do Businesses Opt for Battery Backup Rental?

Here are the reasons as to why businesses rent UPS systems as backup power supply during power outages:

1. Prevention of Uncertain Data Loss:

Computer systems and data servers do not come fitted with batteries similar to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, which enables these devices to operate for sometime even in the absence of electrical power. So at the time of power cut, there are high chances of losing important data when the computer system shuts down suddenly or a data transfer from one server to another is interrupted without warning. UPS battery backup rental keeps the system running in a proper manner to provide more time to the system to shut down in a safe manner and prevent data loss.

Desktop PC Power Backup

2. Immediate & Safe Power Supply in Case of Emergency:

UPS battery backup rentals come for a rescue in case of blackouts or power spikes. It serves as the best alternate source of power in the absence of electricity. It provides the clean and consistent power supply. Mostly, the UPS are designed to operate by providing double conversion function. Such UPS battery backup rentals safeguard various systems such as high-end servers, storage applications, advanced technological equipment, telecom installations and many more.

Emergency Power Backup in Hospitals

3. Provides Protection Against Fluctuating Voltage & Power Surge:

Chronic power fluctuations may result in the internal degradation of electronic devices operating on it. The UPS provides the stable, continuous power output to control such fluctuations and thus provides protection to the devices especially to those which are highly voltage sensitive.
In case of power surges, the UPS diagnoses the bad power supply and filters it before delivering it to the equipment. This way it prevents the potential damage of the gadgets due to supply interruptions and voltage fluctuations.

4. Maintains the Healthy Battery Life:

Even if there is a power cut, you can continue your work with the help of UPS battery backup rental, if the equipment is connected to it. The UPS continuously provides power supply to the equipment connected to it to keep the work going.

5. Massive Power Backup:

In the modern competitive world even a few minutes of power outage can lead to massive downtime costs, especially for media, financial, and brokerage business sectors. To avoid such disastrous implications most businesses rely on UPS battery backup rentals to continue operations unhindered. The importance of UPS systems becomes glaring especially during summers, as the power outages, spikes, and dips become chronic due to heavy demand of electricity. The UPS serves as a great backup and effectively copes with the high demand of power and sudden electrical blackouts.

In Conclusion:
UPS has become an essential item for almost all types of industries. Without UPS battery backup rentals, your entire system may crash and you end up losing all your important data and information in no time. At the time of renting a UPS system, you must opt for the best qualitative power backup in order to smooth and steady business operations.

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