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Given that uninterruptible power systems have become indispensable for almost all industrial sectors, companies functioning with limited budget opt for renting UPS services to reduce downtime and continue operations even during power outages.

Today’s market is filled with various options when it comes to choosing UPS services, which work best for a certain business. The list below explores the various features you must look for in your UPS service while renting to make sure that you are not losing out on your time and money.

8 Features to Look for While Renting UPS Services for an Industry

Compactness of the UPS System:

All IT products, regardless of its function, undergo regular updates and enhancements. For instance, the slim-sized blade servers have now replaced the old big-sized servers, taking up a fraction of the space than what their predecessors did. Similarly, UPS systems are also shrinking down in size and becoming more compact day by day. If you are operating out of limited spaces, it is recommended to rent UPS services which are compact in size so that it can be easily fitted inside your facility.

Expandable Services of the UPS:

The future is unpredictable just like power outages. While your UPS requirements today might be limited, you never know when you feel the need to expand in the future. So, choose a rental UPS service which can support your requirements today along with the knowledge that additional systems can be added to it in the near future, in case your IT systems grow.

Efficient UPS Services:

Compared to the older generation UPS systems, the modern UPS services are far more efficient in functioning and clean power delivery. As a matter of fact, new generation backup power supplies have been added recently to the list of IT products which can qualify to get an Energy Star stamp for energy conservation. So, ensure that you rent smart UPS services which not only provide clean and green electrical support to the connected devices but also conserve energy at the same time.

Manageable UPS Systems:

Facilities and IT managers prefer to control and monitor all systems and devices from a central location. So, they often keep a look out for UPS systems, which can easily integrate with the company’s Building Management System (BMS) or/and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). If you are looking for such UPS services, you can opt for Lorbel’s UPS rental plans, which provide a number of three-phase and single-phase UPS systems for all types of industries and businesses.

Flexibility in Energy Storage:

A UPS service must be flexible in terms of how it stores the electrical energy to cater to the needs of an industry during emergencies. Such flexibility enables the UPS system to smoothly switch the electrical load on itself during power spikes, surges, dips, and blackouts. For instance, a UPS unit which supports a Valve Regulated Acid (VRLA) battery in racks or cabinets, modular battery, wet cell, and DC Flywheels allows customizable solutions to specific requirements of a business during power fluctuations and outages.

Flexibility in System Configuration:

The option of flexibility must also extend to how the UPS system has been configured. Such flexibility will give facility and IT managers some options pertaining to the installation of the system. The simplest way to test UPS service configurations is to check whether the cables can be passed from either the bottom or the top of the UPS cabinet. Similarly, UPS supplies with flexible configuration must give full frontal access to the owners so that it can be installed back-to-back with another backup power supply or against a wall. So, ensure to check these things out according to your requirement while renting a UPS service.

In-Built, Self-Test Methods:

It is a norm to test out electronics before installing them to ensure that it works properly. Similarly, to test UPS systems, businesses often use a load bank to mimic the electrical load the UPS service will be required to carry. While many companies rent these load banks, some state-of-the-art modern UPS systems come with internal, built-in, self-test features, which eliminate the need for a load bank while testing the components of the UPS system. When you hire a UPS rental plan, clarify with the provider if the rented UPS service comes with this useful self-test feature or whether the provider will be testing the system on the client’s behalf. This will save both your time and money during the entire process.

Light in Weight:

The more compact the UPS, the more it is lighter in weight. Sleek, lightweight UPS services are suitable for businesses spread over multiple floors in a building and also during facility shifting processes. Furthermore, if your server room and data center has been build on a raised platform, such lightweight UPS systems can be installed easily.

Final Takeaway:

If are looking out to rent UPS services, ensure that you check for these eight features in the systems. A UPS unit, with all the above features, will not only be efficient in its operational capabilities but will also save money in the long run through its energy conservation features.

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