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A Backup power supply or UPS is a device that is mainly used to supply a backup power source to any device that is connected to the main power. An UPS basically provides a substitute to a no-break supply of electricity that can be used in circumstances when there is a need to go without loss of electricity even if the main supply goes down.

A Backup power supply or UPS has many applications those include computer systems, data servers, industry and laboratories. UPS protects the equipment; hence they can be used for any situation where the load in electricity may be sensitive to power loss or any other power issues.

A Look at the Past

Several times, many sectors including healthcare had faced uncertainty and difficulty caused by complete blackout. The Northeast blackout and the Southeast blackout are one of the disasters that made healthcare industry suffer badly in the past. The 21st century witnessed the terrible Northeast blackout in the year 2003. During this blackout, four to six hospitals in the Northeast region were completely in the dark for almost 2 hours 45 minutes. As an outcome, six hospitals got bankrupt within one year due to their bad reputation caused by this blackout. The Southwest Blackout was no less destructive. During this difficulty, the emergency backup power also failed to meet the requirements.

How do UPS Power Supplies Benefit Hospital Network

During crisis, hospitals are the life-support system; we require the general health care support for us. Because of this, one of the main important places where generators are required is hospital. The life of many patients is depended on the staff and the facilities at the hospital.

For example, a surgeon at the operating room who is performing operations on the patient cannot afford a failure on power even for a second. If it happens so, the result could be fatal.

Much life-sustaining equipment exists in hospital premises and hence they are relied on uninterrupted power supplies. The consequences of a lost power could be death of the patients who need ventilators, monitors and other devices.

It is very much essential that every hospital makes use of commercial and sophisticated UPS power supplies in order to relocate the power immediately when the main power shuts down. By this, the hospitals will not face any power cut inside the hospital premises at the time when important treatments happen.

The hospital can be benefited by having Backup power supply in the following ways:

  • Having Backup power supply can ensure smooth functioning of all equipment at all times.
  • It can regulate spikes, surges, brownouts and blackouts and can protect the equipment from various kinds of power fluctuations.
  • Back up power supply also prevents data loss.

Types of UPS Power Supplies

Hospitals are also the society’s life support system when there is a requirement for general healthcare services. If a power outage occurs, vibrant power is required to keep the life supporting machine and other essential healthcare tools that work in order and which support human life. This is the main reason for having a backup power supply at hospitals. When the main power fails, the hospital can use the backup power supply and the treatment can continue without being interrupted.

Generators are very much required in health care industry. Unlike the regular generators used at residence, the generators that are used in healthcare industry are of different types.

The UPS Power Supplies for hospital can be of two types –

  1. Natural gasNatural gas is very easy to maintain and can be considered as definite emergency service backup for the lost power.
  2. Generator for backup – It uses a diesel fueled combustion engine. A full tank of diesel is used to maintain the power for the hospital for around 8 hours. Based on the amount of fuel it contains, these generators can withstand power to certain number of hours


It is exceptionally important for every hospital to have a Backup power supply because power outages are very often unpredictable and unexpected. The main responsibility of the hospital is to provide a safety treatment to the ill health people who visit the hospital and treating them with utmost care should be the main priority of the hospital. Fortunately UPS power supplies can safeguard people who need rest and proper treatment for their survival.

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