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Since the time laptops and tablets came into existence, people have been giving less importance to uninterruptible power supply systems, as the aforementioned gadgets come with chargeable batteries of their own. However, in the greater scheme of things, UPS systems are not obsolete and have rather become a dire necessity for providing backup power to data centers, industrial equipment, and mission-critical devices.

By providing filtered, backup power during blackouts, a UPS prevents loss of data while helping organizations avoid major losses caused by extended downtime, that would be a terrible drag on the profitability of any company. While there are many different brands of UPS in the global market, today we will be presenting a list of top ten best UPS brands in the world for 2018.

Top 10 Best UPS Brands in the World for 2018

1. Toshiba UPS Systems:

Toshiba is Japan-based multinational company with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It is quite a well-known power solutions provider in the global market, including the US. Toshiba offers single-phase, three-phase single module, and three-phase parallel module UPS systems to its customers. The Japanese conglomerate offers a wide range of optional accessories geared towards the customers in the form of maintenance bypass cabinets, DC backup solutions, and quality power distribution equipment. These systems can provide backup power to a wide range of industries including healthcare, retail, telecommunication, data centers, emergency services, and many more.

2. Emerson/Leibert UPS Units:

Liebert Corporation was functioning as an independent business entity until 1987 when it was acquired by Emerson Electric Company. Since then, Leibert became one of the businesses under Vertiv, formerly known as the Emerson Network Power. Since then, all Leibert UPS units have been considered a direct product of Vertiv, with Emerson Electric Company being the parent organization. Liebert UPS units provide backup power for critical operations so as to prevent them from shutting down due to power outages. Vertive offers an extensive range of Liebert UPS units and power distribution units (PDU) to keep in computer rooms, data centers, network closets, and other mission-critical infrastructure up and running.

3. Eaton UPS:

Eaton, one of the best UPS brands in the world, offers a high-quality and comprehensive range of power management solutions to the global marketplace. Eaton products include DC power solutions, quality uninterruptible power supplies, devices for surge protection, power distribution units, switchgear, software, remote monitoring, connectivity, meters, enclosures, and additional services. This US-based multinational power solutions company offers UPS systems for powering workstations and personal computers, providing backup power for homes and AV usage, server and network protection, and industrial and data center applications.

4. Mitsubishi UPS Units:

Another Japanese conglomerate, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is one of the core organizations of Mitsubishi. The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation focuses on designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality electrical and electronic products. There are five major Mitsubishi UPS series that offer backup electrical power for a wide range of applications including IT, communications, medical equipment, data centers, and manufacturing. Mitsubishi UPS systems ensure a continuous supply of clean backup power to enable critical machines to continue operations even during a power outage.

5. American Power Conversion (APC) Corporation UPS Systems:

APC is a reputed brand in the industry of backup power providers and it manufactures UPS systems, data center supplies, and other electronic peripherals. Acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007, APC Corp., which is one of the best UPS brands in the world, provides comprehensive electrical solutions in the form of three-phase UPS systems for data centers and facilities, UPS management through peripherals, software, network management cards, and replacement UPS batteries. APC UPS systems promise quality and innovation to face the constant energy challenges in the modern competitive world.

6. Digital Signal Power Manufacturing (DSPM) UPS Systems:

DSPM has been involved in the power quality business since 1974 and offers both standard and customized electrical solutions. DSPM offers three distinctive categories of single-phase and three-phase UPS systems for indoor and outdoor usage, as well as for harsh environments. The DSPM indoor UPS systems come enclosed in a specially-designed cabinet to occupy minimal space in small homes. The outdoor UPS systems are stored in a NEMA 3R cabinets that have been designed and manufactured to withstand sleet, snow, dust, and rain. The harsh environment UPS systems, on the other hand, are caged in a NEMA 4x or 12 cabinets to keep them protected from snow, sleet, rain, and corrosion.

7. General Electric (GE) UPS Power Systems:

General Electric is an American electrical applications conglomerate that has been supplying the global market with high-quality industrial and personal power solutions for many years. General Electric UPS systems are manufactured especially for the protection of mission-critical equipment and data. GE critical UPS systems are reputed for providing continuous clean power to a wide range of devices and equipment in industries and organizations such as hospitals, data centers, financial establishments, transportation, telecommunication networks, and others. GE UPS units are reputed for their reliability and efficiency when it comes to providing an uninterrupted power supply to the equipment connected to it.

8. Xtreme Power Conversion:

Xtreme Power is a worldwide provider of high-quality power solutions for the protection of mission-critical equipment and applications. This is one of the best UPS brands in the world and ensures ideal electrical solutions for maximum uptime. Based in Denver, Colorado, Xtreme Power Conversion has distribution units all across Europe and the US. This brand of UPS power supply systems provides three years of guarantee on its products, which can be upgraded to five years for some selected models of UPS units.

9. Staco Energy Products:

Last but not least, Staco Energy Products, based in Dallas, Texas, has been providing UPS systems and services in the global market. Staco UPS systems offer variety, reliability, and efficiency that allow uninterrupted operations in a wide variety of industries despite power cuts. Staco UPS units include single-phase and three-phase UPS units.

In Conclusion:
With this comprehensive list of the top ten best UPS brands in the world, you now have enough information to make an informed decision about which UPS system would suit your organization the most.

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