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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or uninterruptible power source provides electrical power back up in time of power outages. By providing backup power supply the UPS gives ample time for the computers to shut down and also protects the internal components of equipment from damage. The UPS also acts as a support to the standby generator in different fields like communications, electrical equipment, and computer centers. In today’s world, railways, airports, IT sectors, hospitals, and medical centers are all areas of the industry which requires a continuous electrical power supply.

Toshiba 1000 Series UPS, Online Tower 1.0kVA

Functions of the UPS System:

Listed below are the multifaceted functions of a UPS system, which helps a business run smoothly despite electrical power failure.

1. Standby Power Supply:

The most basic function of a UPS system is to provide standby power to all the equipment linked to it. In the event of a voltage sag, surge, or blackout, the UPS resorts to its backup battery power to provide support to the machines. During power surges and spikes, the incoming electrical power from the main power grid sometimes either surges up or drops below the safe voltage power levels. At times such as these, the UPS converts the AC to DC power and then again switches the power back to AC to run the connected machines and equipment. These UPS models are specially designed to protect entry-level computers, consumer electronics, security systems, Point-of-Sale systems, and other essential electronic equipment in the market.

2. Manages the Voltage Surges :

It will be naive to consider that a UPS is only suitable as an electrical power backup during power outages. A UPS to a great extent manages voltage surges in the main electrical line from destroying the internal component of a machine. An increase of voltage is called a surge when it crosses three nanoseconds. Even though surges do not directly harm the machine, it may damage the internal components, which actually runs the machine. The UPS system offers resistance through the behavioral changes in the electrons when the voltage increases and checks the high voltage from rushing into the machine.


High Voltage Surge


3. Voltage Sags :

There are times when a voltage power of the electrical supply is less than what it should be. This is the time when the UPS works as a backup power provider. A decline in voltage is a common issue during summers as the demand for power exceeds that of supply with all the air conditioning and cooling systems running continuously in the offices. The line interactive UPS is designed to manage under voltage sags and a surge of electrical power, thereby protecting the machines. A UPS also guards the battery’s energy loss and automatically transfers power onto itself to help the equipment connected to it to deal with power fluctuations.


Voltage Sags


4. Clean Power:

One of the major functions of the UPS system is to provide consistent and clean power despite the condition of the incoming power from the main electrical line. The UPS performs a double conversion to provide near-perfect electrical power to the equipment connected to it. The UPS at first converts the incoming AC to DC power and then again converts the DC power to AC. UPS supplies equipped with the double conversion technology function on isolated DC power all the time. These uninterruptable power supplies come with zero transfer time as they never need to switch over to the DC power. Almost all double-conversion UPS supplies are designed to safeguard high-end servers, mission-critical IT equipment, data center installations, storage applications, advanced networking equipment, and large telecom installations from internal damage caused by voltage surges, sags, spikes, frequency distortion, noise, and power cuts.


5. Charges Battery:

The main component of a UPS system is its battery. Without the battery, the UPS won’t be able to provide standby power support to any of the equipment. The UPS charges the battery using the power provided either by the main power grid or the secondary power supply.

GNB & EXIDE SPRINTER UPS Battery Model: S12V120F

In Conclusion:

Uninterruptible Power Supply is mandatory for all industries using electrical power. Without a UPS the entire set up will crash down and important data will be lost in no time. While an online UPS appears to be more expensive than an offline one, it gives more protection in case of data loss. Therefore, the many functions of a UPS system prevents data loss and saves an industry from incurring downtime cost during power outages.

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