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Today, we live in a world where technology dominates our day to day existence! Being connected is crucial to all aspects of our lives be it professional, personal or social. With the digital world being the lifeline of our existence, it becomes imperative to stay connected at all times irrespective of power outages. With the surge in voltage fluctuations and power outages today, a UPS power backup system is the perfect solution for protecting your electronic gadgets from any damage or power disruption.

  • What is a UPS?

    UPS is the acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a battery backup power provider to electronic gadgets in the event of a power surge, outage or a voltage fluctuation.

  • Why do you need a UPS?

    It is wise to invest in a UPS power backup system in this digital era with the uninterrupted power supply being the bane of our very existence. Power outages can cause severe damage such as system malfunction, transaction failure, data loss etc. The repercussions can be immense as it can directly affect staff productivity and machinery output, thus impairing business functions. In case of a sudden voltage surge, the UPS aids in an orderly shutdown of all electronic gadgets protecting them from further damage.

  • How long will a gadget work on UPS once there is power failure?

    That would entirely depend upon your choice of UPS. The market offers a wide range of UPS systems with varying output and budget. You can choose one depending upon the number of gadgets in use at your home or office, the consumption pattern and required a backup power supply. There are ample options available, understand your requirement well before investing.

  • How should I choose a UPS?

    You need to make a note of the number of gadgets that need to function in the eventuality of a power cut, and the battery backup power requirement. Additional battery capacity should always be planned keeping future expansion in mind. These pointers will help you choose the right UPS for your ideal backup power supply requirement. It is advisable to keep this information handy before you begin your research or alternatively you could connect with our technical experts for further assistance.

  • Is it possible to monitor the UPS through my computer?

    Yes, it is possible to monitor the UPS through your computer via the RS232 or USB ports which are a standard built-in feature in the new-age UPS power backup systems. It is also possible to monitor the UPS over a network with the help of an optional SNMP/ Network card. UPS software is available for free download if you wish to access the information online. Automatic SMS/ Email alerts can be set for intimation of any status change in the functioning of the UPS.

  • How can I monitor the temperature and humidity around the UPS?

    An external environmental sensor will provide you with all information regarding the temperature and humidity around the UPS. You could access the same via the SNMP/ Network card.

  • How long do UPS batteries last?

    The life of a UPS battery is dependent on many factors such as capacity, size, model, features, usage, surrounding temperature and humidity levels etc. On an average, a small to medium UPS battery has a 4 – 5-year design life with larger UPS batteries having 8 – 10 years of design life. However, it is advisable to check/ test/ discharge a UPS battery periodically for it to function in a proper manner.

  • What are the advantages of a Modular UPS?

    There are several advantages of a modular UPS: 

    With a modular UPS power backup system, the power modules can be switched to either higher or lower capacity as desired.
    Modular UPS systems provide better efficiency with reduced repair time. Stocking a spare power module at a site can save repair time immensely.

  • What happens if the room is unmanned and the UPS alarm goes off?

    The modular UPS power backup systems come with advanced features such as:

    Automated alert to the main server for total system shut down when necessary.
    Key staff can be alerted via automated SMS/ Email messaging systems.
    UPS alarm can also be forwarded to the Building Management Systems (BMS) of your home or business establishment.


With the number of gadgets ever increasing in our daily life, it makes perfect sense to invest in a UPS power backup system. There is a wide array of options available in the market, so choose your device with care. Be aware of your battery backup power requirement and do ample research before selecting a UPS. Always keep future requirement in mind prior to making any investment. The UPS should be able to aid orderly shutdown of all your gadgets during a power failure or voltage fluctuation.

For any further guidance, feel free to contact us. Our experts will revert to you in an instant!

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