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In today’s world, the impact of advanced digitization has administered drastic changes in various sectors, and healthcare sector, of course, is not an exception. Starting from admission forms to high-end medical reports, every information is secured and stored in digital data format in the online database, data center. It’s a relief that they are no longer hand written or shown on films.

What WHO Says?

The statistics of World Health Organization says that by 2050 there will be a three times growth in the world population. It can be anticipated that in the coming years the biggest challenge of hospitals is going to be managing cost and providing quality services to increased number of patients.

Data Centers

Most of the hospitals have set up data centers to store the heavy pile of important data. It’s definitely a must-have feature for providing quality services as well as a good step to be prepared for dealing with various situations in the upcoming years, but still there remain few issues which even can put reputation of your organization at stake. What are they?

What will happen if digital data, which being displayed, are wrong? If it occurs in operation theaters or ICU wards? Do you realize the fact that the wrong data may consequence in blundering treatment? It can be a serious threat to patient lives.

Causes of Drawbacks

1. Frequent performance problem: If your data center comes across frequent performance issues, it may result in loss of data and damage of your entire server system.

2. Lack of proper backup power supply: UPS power backup is really crucial to protect your equipment from voltage instability and damage. In incidences of power failure, you won’t be able to store important data unless you have a battery backup power supply system to provide you support.

3. Negligence in maintenance: Every system requires routine monitoring and maintenance to detect faults and solve those in the minor level to avoid system breakdown.

4. Non-fulfillment of required upgrades: Systems need to be upgraded after a certain time span to make them perform in full swing and also to increase their durability.

5. Cost cutting compromising on quality: Often, installing cheap-price equipment can cost you a hefty sum later on. Besides, it can put your reputation at stake and in healthcare industry it sincerely is a matter of concern.

How Can You Resolve the Issues?

Strengthening backup power system is one of the most important strategies to maintain your data center.

  • Battery backup power:

Data centers fall under most sensitive domains of any organization. It is more true when it concerns healthcare industry. Power outage or voltage instability even for few seconds or minutes can cause damage to your costly equipment and can also lead to loss of data.

Therefore, during power outage UPS transfers power to data center automatically switching from normal transfer to emergency transfer. Thus, it saves your downtime. Backup power support can also save your costly data center equipment from voltage fluctuation, power surge etc.

Modernization and outsourcing are two approaches using which you can resolve the issues.

  • Strategies of modernization approach:

First, find out and fix the error in its initial stage to complete the repairing process in low- budget by regular monitoring and maintenance. Though it will consume time, it will save you from big damages.

Second, upgrade core systems to increase their durability, reliability, and performance.

Third, if your data center system has reached the threshold of its lifespan, then the sensible act is to replace it building a new data center. Even else, if your existing data center is lacking capacity to store any more information, you can build another storage.

  • Strategies of outsourcing approach:

This is a bit costly process, but the most advanced and secured way to store data. You can outsource the entire process of storing data by renting a specific amount of storage from a collocation center as per your requirement. Your data will be secured in the cloud server of the collocation center.

A Final Takeaway

Strengthening backup power system and both modernization and outsourcing approach can provide you with a secured, best performative data center network. The more you will take care of crucial facilities in the healthcare sector, the more profit you will make because of your reputation. After all, in hospitality sector customer satisfaction is the supreme doctrine.

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