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Whether your business is powered by a single Uninterruptible Power system or an expensive lineup of emergency backup power supplies, a quality preventive maintenance and backup power supply plan is essential for the security and operation of the facility and also to lower downtime costs at the same time. Implementing a UPS service and preventive maintenance plan is similar to conducting regular service checkups of your car – it is not always about repairing the damages but also about detecting and fixing an issue before it blows out of proportion.

Preventive maintenance plans for UPS systems ensure that the current performance level is maintained throughout rather than discovering a serious issue at a later point of time. After all, it is better to fix an issue in advance rather than finding out about it later and spending double of what it could have costed earlier to repair it.

Preventive maintenance and UPS services plan are critical for the smooth functioning of an uninterrupted power supply. Here we detail the numerous benefits a backup power supply plan can provide to the company over time.

Benefits of UPS Services and Maintenance Plan for an Organization:

Prevents Downtime:

Downtime is disruptive for all business ventures and comes with a staggering price tag. Let us go through some hard facts about the implication of downtime on a corporation before we discuss how a UPS service and preventive maintenance plan promotes up time of a company.

According to the estimates made by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the U.S. electricity consumers have to bear a national cost of $80 billion per year due to power interruptions.

Moreover, a 2008 – 2009 whitepaper states that the U.S. economy is forced to incur losses between $104 billion and $164 billion to power outages each year and an additional $15 to $24 billion to power quality issues within the same time frame.

A 2007 research paper titled “Study of Root Causes of Load Losses” has documented that two-thirds of all downtime events originate from causes that can be prevented with quality backup power supply and maintenance plans. A proactive maintenance approach for a UPS system ensures that it is running at an optimal condition and also monitors the health of the system to avoid possible downtime.

Improves Company Budget:

For every company farsightedness and future budget planning are crucial to the success and survival of the business. Therefore, last minute unplanned expenditures pertaining to UPS failures would be an undesirable situation which any business would want to avoid at any cost. UPS services and preventive maintenance plans help an organization adopt a proactive approach and thwart off serious issues beforehand. For instance, UPS overhauls and part replacements can be predicted easily. Hence, the budget can be planned accordingly to accommodate these costs. However, in the absence of a preventive maintenance UPS failures will be a really expensive sudden surprise.

Saves Money:

UPS services and preventive maintenance plans are similar to annual health checkups where we pay a simple copay charge to prevent unforeseen health issues. While the most obvious monetary gain of implementing a maintenance plan is to save downtime costs, a well-preserved UPS system can cut down overall service expenses by more than 50 percent. Moreover, a UPS service and maintenance plan can add more years to the operational life of the battery and other parts of the system, reducing long-term UPS replacement costs.

Detects Poor Environmental Conditions:

Poorly designed and maintained electrical infrastructure has been listed as one of the preventable causes of UPS failures that can cost the company thousands of dollars each year. Companies often disregard the impact of such caustic and dirty environments in the operation of UPS systems. A preventive maintenance plan not only services the shortcomings of the UPS system but also acts as a solution provider by identifying poor or dangerous environmental conditions and helping the facilities improve it.

The Bottom line:

The operational life of all the components of a UPS system is limited and needs to be replaced after a certain point of time. However, it has been seen that proper care and implementation of quality maintenance plan has extended the operational life of these components from 25 to 50 percent. Thus, backup power supplies and maintenance plan can be considered a perfect end-to-end solution for a company’s backup power supply.

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