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When we install an electrical or electronic system in our home or office, we expect it to be energy efficient and low maintenance, requiring minimal preventive care. Modern, high-efficiency UPS systems do meet many of these requirements.

Uninterruptible power supply systems are essential tools that are a necessity for the modern workplace. Regardless of the industry or sector, UPS systems are used by most offices, factories, and all other types of commercial establishments.

The Purpose of a UPS System

UPS systems are typically used to provide power backup in the event of a power failure or regular power-cut. A UPS system may also provide backup power during electrical fluctuations. The UPS is essentially a source of stored energy which comes into force during periods of power outages.

Such a backup power generator is essential for companies which want to prevent significant losses caused by downtime and loss of important data. The latest manufacturing techniques, which make use of modern power electronics, have led to the creation of UPS systems that are extremely efficient and durable.

Modular and monoblock UPS designs offer buyers a lot of variety, allowing them to choose the product that is perfect for their needs and requirements. Such UPS systems comprise of numerous advanced management and monitoring subsystems, designed to improve the longevity and operational efficiency of the product.

Maintaining a Quality Backup Power Generator

However, despite the rapid advances in technology, which have led to the creation of extremely sophisticated UPS systems, these devices continue to have certain delicate parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. These parts in UPS systems require constant inspection and maintenance, as well as frequent replacements. If such parts are not replaced on time, it may lead to eventual failure of the UPS system in its entirety.

The consumables in a UPS system, such as the batteries, may also require frequent replacements. High-quality backup battery power supply is essential for the durability and long-term functionality of the UPS system. Most uninterruptible power supplies have a set of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. An alternative to the typical VRLA battery is the lithium UPS battery, which is gaining greater popularity with every passing year.

The replacement time-frame for a typical lead acid battery can be influenced by several factors, including the ambient temperature of the room and the number of charge and discharge cycles it has undergone.

UPS Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Both single-phase and three-phase UPS systems make use of VRLA backup battery power supplywith a 5-year design life. In essence, this indicates that the battery set is designed to last for a maximum of five years when operated at a temperature of anywhere between 20˚C and 25˚C over numerous charge/discharge cycles.

Most such batteries need to be replaced within three to four years of installation and very few last for the entirety of their maximum 5-year lifespan. Companies usually invest in optimal maintenance of their backup battery power supply systems in order to avoid power issues which might affect the bottom-line of the business. On the other hand, 10-year design life batteries typically last for an average of seven or eight years.

To maximize the lifespan of a backup battery power supply, one should avoid exposing the battery set to high temperature environments, as that can harm its durability and lifespan. Above the optimal temperature of 30˚C, every 1˚C rise in temperature can reduce the lifespan of the batteries by half.

Users must also ensure that a UPS battery installation area has sufficient air-flow, as these batteries are exothermic during the discharge cycle. Confined spaces where UPS systems are kept, such as a server rack, should also have adequate precision cooling provisions to ensure that an ambient temperature of 20-25˚C can be achieved at most times.

Lorbel UPS Maintenance Plans

Lorbel is a reputed provider of critical power services in the United States. It also offers several UPS maintenance and service plans for commercial as well as residential clients across the country. Clients can choose the plan that best suits their needs and requirements. The different service levels help minimize downtime and control life-cycle costs that need to be borne by the users of UPS systems.

The Standard Plus Service Plan offers an economical way to ensure regular preventive maintenance inspections for all the UPS systems in an office or workspace. This is the perfect service plan for UPS systems that are still under manufacturer warranty. The quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventive maintenance services essential for top-notch system performance are available under this plan.

The Premium Service Plan is ideal for companies and businesses that want to maintain emergency service support at a minimal cost. This plan offers a priority 8-hour emergency response guarantee as well as provisions for troubleshooting labor in the event of an unexpected system failure. A premium service plan is a great option for maintaining UPS systems that are in good working condition.

The Ultra Service Plan is intended for critical environments that cannot abide by any downtime. It is a full service and all-inclusive UPS maintenance plan for backup power generators installed in hospitals and companies which store a lot of sensitive or critical data. This plan includes a comprehensive maintenance service and priority 4-hour response time. Corrective service for faulty parts is also included in this plan.

In Conclusion

Regular maintenance and upkeep is critical for backup power generators and backup battery power supply systems, especially if you want peak performance and minimal downtime at your organization. Hence, you should choose a reliable company for your UPS maintenance needs and budget for it at the time of purchasing the device.

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