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In the current century, we are witnessing a change in almost every sphere of our life. Starting from our working environment to utility services, everything is undergoing a drastic change. This change is due to the increasing involvement of information technology in every aspect of our day to day life. Schools and educational institutes are also no exception to this. The concept of “digital school or learning” has made computers an integral part of teaching. Most of the schools rely heavily on internet-based resources and applications.

Today, IT infrastructure or gears are present in most of the schools. However, in most cases IT gears are stored at some small rooms already packed with other stuffs. In some cases they are just dumped at the corner of a classroom or corridor due to unavailability of space. This is not the way to treat valuable IT equipment as the chances of damage remain high. Putting aside the economic loss, any breakdown or glitch can impact the regular teaching and learning process. In case of sudden power failures or computer system failures, teachers find it very difficult to change or revise their teaching schedules.

Backup Power

The primary requirement for schools and other educational institutes is to ensure that classes should not be cancelled due to any negligent activity. To avoid any interruption, every educational institution should be having backup power supply systems for providing support during power outages. Most of the IT equipment used in schools consume quite less power. Therefore, UPS backup systems will be able to generate power support for multiple hours. So installing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system can ensure that the classes can go on for longer even when the utility power has gone. Also, installing a UPS will ensure the safety of your IT gears from lightnings and sudden voltage fluctuations. Nowadays, UPS systems come in various capacities so that you can easily select the perfect one based on your needs.

Storage Racks

In most of the schools and educational institutions, IT equipment are stored in store rooms or are kept at furniture racks. This is not a good practice as the IT equipment should be stored in specially designed storage racks. These specially designed storage racks protect your computer hardware from dust, vibrations and have in-built fans for providing ventilation. Improper storage can lead to malfunctioning of your computer hardwares. There may be situations when storage spaces may not be available for building proper storage rooms for computer servers and additional IT hardwares. In such type of scenarios, a specially tailored hardware storage rack can solve the problem. There are many physical infrastructure vendors who design and make storage racks that can be installed in non-dedicated spaces such as in staff rooms or classroom. Such solutions enable the school management to organize their entire computer hardwares into a single enclosure. You no longer need to worry about jumbled up wires or IT equipment stacked upon one another. Storage racks increase the service life of IT equipment. These storage units also have in-built locks. The locking systems ensure that your hardware is safe and nobody is able to tamper with it. Many of the storage racks also have in-built fans for cooling purpose.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

In some cases it might not be feasible to install the storage racks in any of the rooms due to lack of space.

Also, installing the storage racks at corridors or storage rooms may not be a good option due to the lack of airconditioning in these areas. IT equipment are very susceptible to dust and temperature. They can even lead to permanent break down of the systems. Portable air conditioning units have been designed for such type of scenarios. These are comparatively smaller units which can be easily shifted from one room to another. They allow you to maintain the optimum temperature for server rooms at a fraction of cost.

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Services

These days you no longer need to keep an in-house team for maintaining your computer hardwares. Most vendors provide installation, commissioning, and maintenance services. This proves to be very economical for schools as they do not need to hire any additional staff. In case of any breakdown or service failure, your vendor is always there to assist you.


If you compare the cost of securing your IT equipment with their overall costs and their importance in the daily school routines, you will find that it is quite a small price to pay as compared with the benefits associated with it.

Also, when you are already spending thousands of dollars on IT equipment which have become an integral part in teaching and learning then it certainly makes sense for you to spend a little more on backup powers, racks and cooling equipments to protect and safeguard your IT equipment.

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