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Electrical power has become an indispensable element in the functioning of all major and minor industries and corporations. Whether it is a small business or big manufacturing plant, installing a UPS power backup has become common to avoid staggering downtime costs due to unpredictable power outages, surges, and dips. Apart from that, the absence of electrical power would stall all operations leading to a decline in the productivity of the company.

For instance, the Fibre Channel Industry Association reported that a media company can loose up to $330,000 if it experiences one hour of downtime, and a firm dealing in financial brokerage stands to lose as much as $6,450,000 during the same time frame. The Electric Power Research Institute also reported that the U.S. main power line experiences an average of 8 hours and 45 minutes of downtime each year. Thus, each minute of darkness during a power outage can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Why Rent UPS Power Backup?

Renting a UPS system is considered an ideal investment for most small and medium-sized corporates. Companies with stringent budget mostly prefer to rent UPS power backups. Here are some of the reasons for renting a UPS power backup:

A business stands to incur no Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) cost if it hires rental UPS systems.

A quality UPS rental plan comes with monthly, quarterly, or bi-quarterly preventive maintenance solutions which helps in extending the life of the UPS batteries and other UPS components over the mandated manufacturer years.

Most UPS power backup rental plans do not charge additional battery replacement costs and offer round-the-clock technical support as well as monitoring.

A business at any time can increase or decrease the capacity of the UPS systems according to the requirement of the firm. Most standalone and trailer-mounted UPS power backup units can be customized to meet any load requirements at any point of time.

Advantages of Renting UPS Power Backup Systems:

Saves Money

Most small and medium scale industries function on limited budgets. In such scenarios renting makes more sense as it enables the administration to get the required equipment without incurring the huge costs of owning a UPS supply. Moreover, the company also gets to keep the cash in the business to be invested elsewhere for better productivity.

Lesser Maintenance Costs

Owning a UPS power backup comes with the hassle of regular maintenance and service so that the batteries and other internal components can have a long and healthy life-cycle. Regular maintenance is costly and time-consuming, forcing the management to plan their projects according to the availability of the UPS power backup. However, renting ensures that a well-maintained UPS is readily available to be connected whenever the need arises.

Improves Cash Inflow

If your business is operating on a limited budget or requires UPS support for a short span of time it is better to rent a UPS power backup. Renting a UPS system allows the company to prevent the outflow of cash and invest the money in other requirements of higher priority.

Allows Flexibility

The size and load capacity of a UPS supporting the computers in your office will not be the same as the one used in the server room of a data center. Therefore, the type of UPS required changes from department to department depending on the cumulative load it has to carry during a power outage. Renting allows the company to own a wide variety of UPS supplies depending on each of the department or project’s requirement.

Allows Technological Upgrades

Technology is never constant and keeps on upgrading constantly. Yearly UPS rental plans allow a company to own the latest technologies at a much cheaper rate, keeping up with the technological revolution. This way the company can get all the latest equipment it needs and is not forced to make do with old UPS power backups systems.

Offers Technical Support

UPS systems require quality maintenance and service plans to give proper service during power outages. UPS rental plans include delivery, installation, round the clock monitoring for UPS alarms, 24*7 technical support, site survey, and many more features. Thus, by renting the backup power supply the company is saved from the hassles of hiring a separate and a perfect uninterrupted power supply maintenance and service plan for the system.

Offers Balance Sheet Benefits

Did you know that rental plans can have a major positive effect on your business balance sheet? Renting or leasing of goods can improve the Return on Assets (ROA) as well as Return on Equity (ROE) of a company. Apart from that it also reflects that the company neither has any balloon payments or deposits with third-party resources.

In Conclusion

UPS rental units come in various sizes and load capabilities. If your requirement is short-term, it’s better to rent a UPS power backup to reap the advantages of the technology to the fullest. You can also customize the rental plans to suit your requirements, from time to time.

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