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Almost everything in this world, including major industries and business, relies on electrical power for smooth functioning. Small, medium and big businesses need the power to run computers, machinery, keep the lights on, enable smooth data flow between departments and all over the world. The absence of electrical power would stall all the operations of a business and in turn cast a negative effect on the productivity of the company. There would be no way to network and contact consumers, run equipment, exchange date, or carry out monetary transactions.

The companies would be forced to incur huge downtime costs, courtesy unpredictable electrical blackouts. Here are some hard facts about the consequences of UPS failure and how expensive it can be in the event of a power outage.

According to Electric Power Research Institute, the annual average downtime of the US power grid in 2009 was 8 hours and 45 minutes. Moreover, the Fibre Channel Industry Association reported that a company in the media industry stands to lose $330,000 for an hour of downtime and a financial brokerage firm can incur as much as $6,450,000 for the same time frame.

So every minute your business spends in darkness the downtime cost is going to be thousands of dollars, and an electrical repair is just not the solution to this problem. This is where rental UPS system comes in as a rescuer.

Types of UPS systems Available for Rent

UPS systems available for rent can be divided into two broad categories, namely Trailer Mounted rental units and Standalone rental units.

  • Trailer Mounted UPS Rental Units

These UPS systems are customizable and come with cooling solutions, batteries, and lighting inverters. Trailer-mounted UPS systems can be configured according to the load requirement. Generally, most of these rental units offer delivery and installation along with round-the-clock technical support and monitoring of the systems.

  • Standalone UPS Rental Units

Standalone units offer a wide range of three-phase and single UPS systems for rent. These emergency backup power units come with delivery, installation, onsite training, site survey, and 24*7 technical support.

Reasons to Rent a UPS System for Your Business

Most small and medium-sized business with limited budget often opts for rented UPS systems rather than purchasing emergency backup power supplies. Here we list seven reasons to rent UPS systems rather than buying one.

  • Power Disruption

Power disruption can take place due to both natural disasters and man-made accidents. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and many other natural disasters can take out the power lines at any point in time. Regardless, power failures cannot be predicted and one needs to be prepared with backup to compensate for the outage. Rented UPS systems switch the power supply onto itself so that the business is not affected by the blackout.

  • Power Surges, Spikes, and Dips

Power blackouts are not the only unpredictable phenomenon that can stall an industry. Many times the main power utility grid experiences spikes, dips, and surges while providing electricity to offices and homes. These sudden fluctuations in power are considered a major threat to the safety and health of equipment running on electricity. Apart from providing emergency backup power, the UPS systems also protect the equipment attached to it from these electrical surges, spikes, and dips. The internal technology of the UPS system is capable of sensing a surge or dip beforehand and quickly switches the power supply onto itself before the anomaly strikes home.

  • Noise Filtration

Noise is an interference of unwanted electrical signals with the desirable ones causing distortion of the original power signal. This particular phenomenon is unpredictable in nature and can be generated both within the power line or from an external source, such as thunderstorms. Such interferences result in the delivery of unfiltered and unclean electricity to all devices connected to the grid. Noise not only damages the internal mechanism of an equipment but also corrupts the files, the operating system, and the internal applications of a computer. A UPS system effectively works as a filter during such situations and delivers clean and consistent power to the types of machinery attached to it.

  • Power Backup for Special Work Projects

A small or medium-sized company may not feel the need of installing a UPS and can afford to get away with nominal downtime costs. However, installing a rented UPS system can prove to be useful for special work projects, which demand constant power supply. Time and again a company can work on top-priority projects which demand constant power supply. A UPS not only serves as an emergency backup power provider but also prevents data loss in the event of a blackout.

  • Substation Repair

Rental UPS system comes handy when substations or other electrical equipment is taken for preventive maintenance or repairs. The rented UPS systems can keep the show running during these periods of planned power interruptions so that the permanent utilities can be upgraded in the meantime.

In Conclusion

Regardless of the weather conditions or accidents taking place, UPS rentals provide power backup whenever required. Depending on a firm’s requirement and budget, the management can opt for any of the rental units detailed in the article and can avoid hefty downtime costs each year.

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