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Banking and financial sectors are the lifeline of the entire business community. Every day, thousands of transactions take place in the banking and financial sectors which enable smooth operations of other businesses. Imagine a scenario that a particular day is not a bank holiday, but due to power failure your transactions are not processed and your business operations coming at a standstill. Even the temporary power fluctuations can lead to the wrong functioning of equipment while financial transactions are going on. This leads to reconciliation and redo of the operations.

The disruption in the power supply leads to complete shutdown in many cases, including the mission-critical business components like telephone lines, Internet lines, and computing services from the cloud. Hence there is a need for continuous power supply in banking and financial sector for stability and continuity of business operations.

Let’s take another scenario of a stock exchange where a continuous power supply is mandatory for trading at a high speed and frequency. The fraction of a microsecond can lead to a significant loss. In the financial industry, each day a monster volume of data is generated, processed, and stored. Therefore, a continuous power supply is essential to support the business operations. Here comes the need of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) in banking and financial sector. This article describes the significance of UPS supply in banking and financial sector.

The significance of UPS Supplies: –

  • To provide continuous and reliable services to customers.
  • To enable facilities like call center banking, Internet banking, and mobile banking.
  • To enable facility of social media fund transfer.
  • To reduce the downtime in customer service delivery.
  • To optimize the customer experience in service delivery.
  • To increase the customer retention ratio.
  • To reduce the security threat to customers’ data accessed from the cloud.
  • To reduce the potential damage due to malfunction, corruption, and data loss.
  • To reduce the impact of hardware damage due to unstable power supply
  • To power, ATMs to provide 24*7 services.
  • To enable branch automation and CBS.
  • To enable back office support to customers through a toll-free number.
  • To support data centers’ operations for accessing, processing, and storing of the data.
  • To comply with the Government norms.

To conclude, we can say that a good UPS supply is the backbone of banking and financial sector in order to run hassle-free operations. It is the most critical component to be considered while setting up IT infrastructure of the organization. Whether it is voltage instability or power outage, UPS supplies can save any business from heavy downtime losses. Also, it gives the businesses protection against cybersecurity breach.

To know more and get the best quality UPS power supply systems, please contact us. You can also avail rental services for UPS supplies in cheaper prices.

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