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With each passing decades the hospitals have evolved in many respects and it will continue evolving more in the coming decades. It not only concerns being enormous in size but also the increased complexity in healthcare facility management. The complete transformation from a single structure to multiple buildings, sometimes equipped with five star facilities, demands significant upgrades in sensitive domains of utmost importance.

Power Outage and Its Possible Outcomes

One of the major issues which poses threat to healthcare industry is sudden power outages. The better you provide service, the better you gain profit – the ultimate reality of healthcare business. In any hospitality sector, even minor things can spoil your organization’s reputation, and power outage is so crucial a matter. If power supply is on stake, no wonder it may lead to patient death, especially in operation theater or ICU etc.

Therefore, a highly reliable battery backup power system is essential in healthcare sector to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply in crisis time, for patients’ sake as well as for the sake of your business.

Going Back to the History

  • The Northeast blackout

The beginning years of 21st century – Its none other than the worst Northeast blackout of 2003. How badly did it affect the hospitals across USA? The NCBI report says: “Despite having emergency generators, four of 75 hospitals in the city were temporarily without electricity when the blackout occurred. The longest interruption was 2 hours and 45 minutes.” Healthcare facilities became victim of huge losses. Six hospitals ran bankrupt after one year because of their spoiled reputation.

  • The Southwest blackout

This blackout impacted healthcare sector of USA in a great way suspending power supply to hospitals, committed due to human error. The officials struggled hard in supplying power and meeting the demands of patients. The condition deteriorated more after emergency backup power ran out.

There exists several other cases of power disruption. Now, let’s look what can be used as standby power solutions.

Why Standby Power System Is Essential for Hospitals?

  • First, to deal with power outage and drive away any possiblity of threat in patient lives
  • Second, to protect costly healthcare equipment from damage due to voltage instability
  • Third, to protect your server from security breach and data loss
  • Fourth, to abide by the rules of government legislation battery backup

What Type of Standby Support Can Be Best in Healthcare Industry?

  1. Using UPS systems as the source of backup power supply is possibly the best way to ensure power protection in your organization 24*7. Not only in occurrences of power outages but also in situations of voltage instability, UPS systems can prevent your equipment from severe damages. The best cost-friendly UPS systems for hospitals can be static UPS systems.
  2. If any wrong digital data are displayed on healthcare equipment due to power problem, it may lead to wrong treatment of patients. Such cases are considered being extremely negligent activities from the side of the hospital management. It can put a question mark on the reputation of your hospital.
  3. What if you encounter a long-duration power cut and your emergency power (UPS support) runs out? You will be stuck and helpless, and patient lives will be under constant threat. Therefore, the best solution is to have a combination of UPS support and standby generator.
  4. A UPS system is capable to restore power supply immediately without any downtime. Therefore, UPS systems can be your first battery backup power support option. In case any power outage lasts for hours, the UPS signaling system will hint the generator to start prior before the the UPS battery runs out so that you don’t even face any microseconds of downtime. This way your generator will get sufficient time to get into the line and synchronize in a smooth way.

A Final Takeaway

We remain helpless in front of the ravages of nature. Its a complete wastage trying to get your grip over something on which human being don’t have any control. Therefore, the thing that is in your hand is ensuring strong battery backup power management system in your organizyation.

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